Pokemon of the Week 19/12/2016 – Alola Ninetales & The Sad Tale about Hail

So with the winter holidays just swinging right around the corner, we thought of adding a little bit of festivities to our Pokemon of the Week for the next 3 weeks. We will be going over a brief analysis on the state of the Ice Types and where we see them as the Sun/Moon meta-game matures. There is also a new section introduced this week called \\HISTORY ANALYSIS//, where I talk about the history of certain mechanics related to the Pokemon of the Week.

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Pokemon of the Week 12/12/2016 – Clefable

In this edition of Pokemon of the Week, we will be analyzing everyone’s long favorite since gen 1, Clefable. Although we have yet to see what Clefable can do competitively in the upcoming meta, we would like to take some time to conduct a brief analysis on this pink Pikachu err, I mean balloon. There are so many new Fairies with the release of Sun/Moon that I feel Clefable might be outclassed. Although the meta favors offensive supports more, none of the new Fairies have provided a reasonable cleric support role thus far.

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Pokemon of the Week 05/12/2016 – Primarina

Over the past few weeks, I realized that a lot of people are using Primarina in competitive VGC doubles on battle spot. I mean, it’s as expected since it does a lot for its typing as a defensive Pokemon. It may only fulfill a simple task or role but it does it effectively which we will be going over for this week’s Pokemon analysis. Please be advised this is simply just an analysis of the Pokemon itself and not what it is capable of in the current meta. If anything, it makes a great check/counter to Dragon types and Alolan Marowak.

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Pokemon of the Week 28/11/2016 – Incineroar

Pokemon Sun/Moon has been out for more than a week now and people have been breaking down the game to its core. Yet, there is still a lot of experimenting to be done in regards to the current competitive scene. But we all can agree that Game Freak has designed this game with a huge emphasis on VGC in mind rather than Smogon tiers. Therefore, this week we have a Pokemon that has been the talk of the webs, Incineroar the Fire Starter of the Alolan Region.

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Monthly Battle Royal Pokemon Entry 1 – Dedenne


So with the introduction of a new battle mode known as Battle Royal where 4 people are placed to fight each other in a free-for-all battle, I have decided to formulate possible strategies for Pokemon to undertake.

In this month’s entry, we have Dedenne; a solid Pokemon with a defensive dual typing with only 2 weaknesses, Poison and Ground. You could also use Magnet Rise, making it only prone to Poison but that would be pointless. Dedenne does not offer much offensively with its poor mono type move pool. However, it does offer a quirky combo of Cheek Pouch + Recycle, making it an environmentally friendly Pokemon.

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