Symmetra Rework Update

Hey everyone, Syggz here but you can call me Vishkar.

Today, PlayOverwatch released a video discussing a future update to Symmetra on the PTR. I will provide a link for the video, but if you don’t want to sit through 12 minutes of Jeff Kaplan talking I have also summarized the changes below.

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Syggz’z Top 5z – 5 Cards that should have been printed in Commander 2016

Hey everyone, Syggz here, but you can call me the Ageless Ascetic.

Today I will be going over five cards that should have been reprinted in the Commander 2016 set. The focus of this list will be aimed towards the casual side of commander, where spending $5 or more on a card is not a decision to be taken lightly. A common theme for these cards is that they can all be used in any commander deck, and I think that it would be beneficial if they were more accessible to players.

Without further delay, lets get into the list.

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VotD 08/01/16 – Heartfelt Harambe Tribute

Syggz here, but you can call me Jeff Jetson.

Image Source: GospelHerald


Today’s video is a tribute to the late Harambe, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati zookeepers after a child climbed into his exhibit on May 28, 2016. A lot has happened in the weeks following this incident; from the initial outrage at how the zoo handled the situation, to the memes and irony of today. However one man, Mr. Miller, stands above all of the outrage and irony to perform a truly emotional song that expresses his grief and sadness over the loss of a great friend.

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