Pokemon of the Week 05/12/2016 – Primarina

Over the past few weeks, I realized that a lot of people are using Primarina in competitive VGC doubles on battle spot. I mean, it’s as expected since it does a lot for its typing as a defensive Pokemon. It may only fulfill a simple task or role but it does it effectively which we will be going over for this week’s Pokemon analysis. Please be advised this is simply just an analysis of the Pokemon itself and not what it is capable of in the current meta. If anything, it makes a great check/counter to Dragon types and Alolan Marowak.


Let’s kick off the week by analyzing its base stats;

80 HP / 74 Atk / 74 Def / 126 SpA / 116 SpD / 60 Spe

The two stats that make Primarina stand out, is its base 126 SpA, 116 SpD and a solid 80 HP, making it an effective special wall. However, like all starters in this generation, Primarina dives into the low speed tier and will most likely be 2HKOed by many special attackers through STAB super effective hits. Thankfully, it comes with a bunch of popular resistances due to its duo Defensive Typing of water and fairy. Using Primarina can force switches against special attackers if they do not have the effective move at hand. Another thing to keep note of is the the 110+ SpD sweet spot, which when combined with any stat modifiers can be the difference between a 2HKO and 4HKO. By the way, Assault Vest is a mean item on Primarina.

Although not great, having a base defense of 74 can help it take hits from weaker but popular moves like Fake Out, Pursuit, or Bullet Punch. Since Primarina is the only special attacker of its duo typing, it can help with party compression when you are running low on slots for type coverage. Outside of Megas and Legendaries, Primarina is pretty high up there among the special attackers, only second to Wishiwashi in terms of water types. I believe Primarina may or may not see a lot of play depending on the popularity of Poison types in the upcoming Sun / Moon meta.


Before we move on to brewing potential builds for Primarina, lets first take some time and break down notable moves it can learn;

::Leveling Up:: ::TM:: ::Egg Moves:: ::Z Moves::
Sparkling Aria Toxic Amnesia Never-Ending Nightmare
Encore Rest Aromatic Mist Hydro Vortex
Hyper Voice Ice Beam Perish Song Bloom Doom
Moonblast Light Screen Wonder Room Shattered Psyche
Hydro Pump Protect Subzero Slammer
Misty Terrain Psychic Twinkle Tackle
Shadow Ball Oceanic Operetta
Energy Ball
Dazzling Gleam

Key Moves:
The moves italicized in blue should be focused with particular interest. Though not the greatest move in Primarina’s move pool, Sparkling Aria does serve a purpose in its own niche for competitive doubles. With a base power of 90 and its ability to heal burns off any Pokemon hit by it, Sparkling Aria can be a huge momentum swing when used with right team for double battles. For example, Sparkling Aria can be used to its advantage by Pokemon with the ability Storm Drain to boost SpA or the ability Water Absorb to heal a bunch thanks to its high base power. The other key move that is really important to Primarina is Scald and its chance to burn. The burn from Scald allows Primarina to become a scary tank since opposing Pokemon attack is halved, which compliments Primarina’s low but somewhat competent base defense of 74.

Utility Moves:
Encore is extremely useful in double battles to either force switches or stop sweepers from sweeping if they decide to set-up. And thus allows you to control the momentum; to either set-up yourself or fight back. Light Screen and Reflect are both really good moves that work with Encore, providing defensive support to your entire team. A single Light Screen on Primarina turns 2HKO to 4HKO from super effective STAB hits. Reflect plus the burns from Scald turns your entire team into a tanking machine. Thanks to the hidden ability Liquid Voice, the move Hyper Voice becomes water type and gains STAB totaling up to a power of 135, making it stronger than Hydro Pump with the added benefit of 100% accuracy. Perish Song also gains the water typing allowing it to hit Ghost types. The other two noteworthy moves are Misty Terrain and Aromatic Mist, both of which are situational and serve a small support niche in doubles. Misty Terrain should only be used to ensure that Rest cannot be used for recovery and becomes a win condition if you are ahead. Aromatic Mist should not replace Light Screen but rather an addition to it.

\\Final Verdict//

Primarina is the Queen of doubles both offensively and defensively thanks to its range of AoE moves. Having access to the dual screens allows Primarina to function as a support while having the tools to force switches such as Perish Song and Encore. The signature move, Sparkling Aria, is also a very effective AoE move able to heal burns off team members and synergizes extremely well with Water Absorb users. A very underrated use of Z-moves is using them with any of the support moves to gain a slight advantage defensively. Using Z-Reflect will boost defense 1 stage allowing you to take some hits on top of Reflect. Or you could use Z-Light Screen to boost Special Defense by 1 stage. Primarina does not really have a reliable heal other than Rest + Chesto Berry, which is really great if you are planning to set up defensively.

Offensively, we could also fit Primarina into a Special Attacker role, possibly under a trick room team. Primarina naturally has insane type coverage with its wide move pool consisting of Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball and Ice Beam. And with a base 126 SpA, it can do quite a bit of damage in tandem with Life Orb or Choice Specs. STAB Moonblast and Hyper Voice (when Liquid Voice releases) are both insanely scary moves that opponent’s need to watch out for. However, Primarina can’t really be a sweeper due to her lack of Nasty Plot access but is still able to dish out enough damage to be a threat. Assault Vest and full EV investment into SpD allows her to counter most Special Attackers while investment into Def allows her to be bulkier in both Def and SpD departments, making her into a tank. There is not a lot of role options for Primarina to fit into, making it very predictable at times. But the Water / Fairy typing as stated before, allows it to compress the type coverage needed for teams tight on space.

\\Possible Builds//

1. Doubles Support

Ability: Liquid Voice
Item: Psychium Z / Leftovers
Nature: Calm
EVs: 100 HP / 152 SpA / 252 Def or SpD
Move 1: Light Screen
Move 2: Reflect / Protect
Move 3: Hyper Voice
Move 4: Encore / Dazzling Gleam / Perish Song

2. Bulky Special Attacker 

Ability: Torrent / Liquid Voice
Item: Assault Vest
Nature: Calm / Modest
EVs: 100 HP / 152 SpA / 252 Def or SpD
Move 1: Moonblast
Move 2: Psychic / Shadow Ball
Move 3: Energy Ball / Ice Beam
Move 4: Scald

3. Special Attacker

Ability: Torrent
Item: Life Orb / Choice Specs / Primarium Z
Nature: Modest / Timid
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 SpD or Spe
Move 1: Moonblast
Move 2: Hydro Pump / Scald
Move 3: Psychic
Move 4: Ice Beam / Scald / Sparkling Aria

4. Doubles Defensive Wonder Room

Ability: Liquid Voice
Item: Chesto Berry
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Move 1: Rest
Move 2: Hyper Voice / Hydro Pump / Scald
Move 3: Dazzling Gleam / Moonblast
Move 4: Wonder Room

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    • That set-up is a ‘food for thought’ and is something that I plan on trying out but haven’t had the time to get to it. With the right team set-up, for example with Gothitelle, you can make for a pretty nasty combo, locking opposing Pokemon in while Gothitelle has incremental time to set-up. It also messes up with specially defensive Pokemon that would wall Primarina or laugh at physically offensive Pokemon that would otherwise threaten to OHKO it. There is one problem with that build and its this reason why its listed as ‘Doubles’ because its only playable in doubles.


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