Whatever Wednesday Week 4

This week I have been sitting at home playing with the miniature tank from goodsmile, so I decided to make this week’s article a quick glance at the most iconic tank of each era. Let’s get right to it:

Tanks were first put in practical used at the end of World War I as an answer to the long dreadful trench warfare. The first incarnation of the tank did not share too much with modern tanks, as many . The most iconic tank from that era is the British MK. 1, here it next to its most popular modern representation, Warhammer 40k SpaceMarine tanks:

Image result for british mark 1Image result for space marine land raider

The resemblance is uncanny as the massive figure is easily recognizable striking fear into the enemy it approaches. Unfortunately the WW1 era is as nearly as popular as WW2, when the design of the tank was dramatically changed and solidified as a rotating turret metal behemoth most people recognize today. Deep in Nazi Germany territory the apex predator of an era emerged, and it was the Panzer VI, codename King Tiger. Often depicted as either the strongest vehicle at a player arsenal or the final boss of the enemy force in games or movies, it does so with it’s 88-mm gun that could pierce any other tank of its era well before they can get close enough to effectively pierce its own 120 mm thick armor:

Image result for tiger 1Image result for tiger 1 girl and punzer

However even the superior engineering of the Tiger could not save the Nazi Empire from its fate, and the technology behind the Tiger fell into the other nations hands. The throne became unclaimed until 1980 when the Abrams rolled into service for the United States of America. Weighting in at 64 tons, shielded with depleted uranium armor and armed with the most modern systems available in the world, it had 35 years to build its reputation which to this day remains uncontested. To this day the Abrams with its distinct shape and size remains an iconic figure in any modern conflict where the US is involved in:

Image result for abrams tankImage result for abrams tank

That is it for this week’s article. Hopefully this showed you something new or even  gave you enough incentive to do more research on this amazing war machine. Until next week, peace out.