Y/R/B Meta Love Live! Sunshine!! Deck Tech


In this blog entry, we will be brewing a meta deck for Love Live! Sunshine!! This deck tech blog will be consistently updated as new sets are released for Love Live! Sunshine!!

As for now, this meta deck will only be built from 2 copies of the same Trial Deck.

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– – Level Zero – –

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”黒澤 ルビィ
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Ruby Kurosawa
Art Rating: 3.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 3

There is a lot going for this art, but it could have portrayed Ruby in a better way aside from her typical shy side. It just does not feel right with the awesome backdrop being all happy and bright. She is a front +500 support as well as boosting another +1 level and +500 to her best friend [“Midsummer Aquarium” Hanamaru Kunikada] which is mediocre at best. She will most likely be replaced once the booster gets released.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”津島 善子
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Yoshiko Tsushima
Art Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 3

Unlike Ruby, the backdrop suits Yoshiko’s character and pose. Her arms and hands are also aligned with the slanted backdrop, thus providing for a very excellent composition. Yoshiko is a pretty standard searcher aside from the pay 1 pitch 1 search 1, she searches for the cost of 2 stock. There are obviously cons and pros for this, the latter being able to clear climaxes from stock early and retaining hand size. As for cons, you lose out a bit on deck compression mid game and forced to have more attackers on board during the early game transition from level 0 to 1.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”国木田 花丸
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Hanamaru Kunikida
Art Rating: 4 / 5
Number of Copies: 3 – 4

There is too much yellow here for my taste and her hair color does not help compliment it. She is the 3.5k beat stick of the deck with close to no downside other than not allowing the rest of your characters to side attack when she is on board.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”渡辺 曜
“Is Your Heart Shining?” You Watanabe
Art Rating: 4 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 3

Everything in this art is about the face, and for me, mainly the hat. No matter where you look on the card, aside from the text, the next thing that pokes at you is the face. There is a major emphasis on the face which suit Yoh perfectly, but it takes a bit away from the costume. This Yoh is great because she allows you to check top and either dump to waiting room or leave on top of library. By resting 2 characters, she turns any other character into a powerhouse, therefore the number of copies you run depends on how much you want to see her on board.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”桜内 梨子
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Riko Sakurauchi
Art Rating: 4.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 0 – 2

Happy, yet emotionless… The art on this card is simply breathtaking, but there is just something off about the face structure. The pink mixes extremely well with the yellow flowers. Riko provides a +1k boost to another character when she is played from hand and is also a power boost brainstorm, making her extremely mediocre to play. You can honestly play the deck without her and you will be fine. Like Ruby, she will most likely be replaced when the booster gets released.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”松浦 果南
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Kanan Matsuura
Art Rating: 2.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 0 / 2 / 4

I honestly do not understand what the artist was thinking when they designed this artwork. Too many colors and the pose is chaotic. The human eye just does not know where to rest or where to begin. Bushiroad literally ruined my 3rd favorite character out of the nine with this artwork. Aside from that, she is your 4k beat stick if you have 6 or more cards in hand. You should either run 0, 2 or 4 and none in between because of how situational she is. You run 2 if you are going to emphasize a lot on level 0 and 4 if you are going to emphasize a lot on level 1.

– – Level One – –

“真夏のアクアリウム”津島 善子
“Midsummer Aquarium” Yoshiko Tsushima
Art Rating: 2 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 4

Great curves, hourglass shape and outrageous. Anime art is anime art, meh. The quality is not very good either, too blurry. If you have 3 or more characters on board, she gains +1k. A cost 0 level 1 character that hits 6k easily is nothing to laugh at. She is an efficient beater and is as good as it gets when its from a trial deck.

“真夏のアクアリウム”国木田 花丸
“Midsummer Aquarium” Hanamaru Kunikida
Art Rating: 3.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 4

The art makes you feel almost as if you are right next to her, being a creep and watching her sip tea. Everything about this card feels like a Hanamaru card; classy, quiet and easy going. The interesting thing about this card though, is that it does not feel like an anime art but rather a visual novel art, specifically the chairs. She is a vanilla 5.5k but gets boosted by +500 for each [“Is Your Heart Shining?” Ruby Kurosawa] on board. Hanamaru is capable of reaching a maximum power of 8.5k when in the front center slot with 4x Ruby on board, but why would you do that -.-?

“真夏のアクアリウム”黒澤 ルビィ
“Midsummer Aquarium” Ruby Kurosawa
Art Rating: 1 / 5
Number of Copies: 0 – 3

I do not think I need to say much about this artwork, do I? Anime art, generic and just a head from the side. This is an extremely boring card to look at. She is also pretty mediocre other than providing a constant board presence with her character encore when needed.

“浦の星女学院 夏制服”渡辺 曜
“Uranobosi Girls Academy Summer Uniform” You Watanabe
Art Rating: 3 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 4

Although the background looks nice, it is wasted on a costume that feels like nothing. The shadow effect is nicely done and complements the background. At least Yoh has her iconic hand on the head pose again. When she is played from hand, you can pay 1 and turn any character on the board into a bomb. A card that is extremely versatile at all levels of the game. You can run as many as 4 copies of her if you can afford the room since she can also target another copy of herself.

– – Level Two – –

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”高海 千歌
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Chika Takami
Art Rating: 4 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 3

I can not seem to stop my urge of having a nice glass of orange juice whenever I stare at this artwork. Its as if Chika is selling an advertisement for refreshments. I personally adore this artwork because it portrays Chika correctly and the white flower pin adds that finishing touch to the overall composition. This is a 2.5k backup with the potential to backup for 3.5k if you reveal a music character off the top of the library.

“真夏のアクアリウム”高海 千歌
“Midsummer Aquarium” Chika Takami
Art Rating: 1 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 3

Not only is this is an anime artwork, the background is so zoomed in that it literally feels like nothing, it might as well have no background. This Chika is a global 1k support and gives another 1k to one character when one of your character is reversed. It is an okay card since it turns any level 1 card into a power house for the turn, assuming you crash your other characters.

“真夏のアクアリウム”渡辺 曜
“Midsummer Aquarium” You Watanabe
Art Rating: 1 / 5
Number of Copies: 0 – 3

Begging for a higher rating will not get you anywhere Yoh. This artwork suffers the same fate as the Chika above. A vanilla 2 / 1 8.5k is pretty decent since you have nothing else better to run.

School Idol Project
Art Rating: 4 / 5
Number of Copies: 1 – 2

This would have been a perfect rating for artwork if it was not for that horrendous blue border. It portrays a feel uncanny to that of the original nine girls from Love Live! with a touch of Sunshine!! Every character expresses themselves perfectly and the feathers add a nice touch. Pay 2 Salvage 2, this card should be tech but I suggest running at least 1 copy since the trial deck does not come with any form of salvage.

– – Level Three – –

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”黒澤 ダイヤ
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Dia Kurosawa
Art Rating: 2.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 0 – 3

There are a million things wrong with this artwork. First, there are too many colors going on here and entire pose is too chaotic with the background. Everytime I look at this art, my eyes are crying like the time my opponent god cancels 5 consecutive hits of 3 damage each… What a sac… Anyways, this card is not very good, in fact its basic like Dia herself. Shots fired! But I like running it cause she nets you a card and combos with any climax to get a small power boost.

“君のこころは輝いてるかい?”小原 鞠莉
“Is Your Heart Shining?” Mari Ohara
Art Rating: 4.5 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 4

Costume color matches atleast one color in the background? Check! Contrast between yellow and purple? Check! Composition of pose flow with background? Check! The only thing holding this card back from getting a 5 Art Rating is the hair blending in too much with the yellow flowers. For a trial deck card, this card is worthy of the level 3 slot for sure. Mari is capable of staying at a 12k base and is able to set up cancels during opponent’s turn by scrying the top card when front attacked.

“真夏のアクアリウム”松浦 果南
“Midsummer Aquarium” Kanan Matsuura
Art Rating: 3 / 5
Number of Copies: 3 – 4

Although this is anime artwork, and people know how much I despise anime artwork. There is just something about it that draws my attention. It’s probably the fact that Kanan is in the middle and flows with the arms of Mari and Dia at a diagonal plane. Her eyes and breasts are also aligned properly that makes it feel less cringy when staring at the overall artwork. The one thing I hate is the contrast between the color of the hair and the forested background… This card should be your main level 3 card since it pluses for you and is your strongest beatstick.

– – Climax – –

“Midsummer Aquarium” Mari & Kanan & Dia
Art Rating: 2 / 5
Number of Copies: 4

Artwork is alright. You should run 4 copies cause its a book.

“Midsummer Aquarium” Chika & Riko & You
Art Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Copies: 2 – 4

I gave this a 5 for art rating because Chika is literally the embodiment of one of my friends in real life, in terms of personality. And I hope that it tilts him when he goes through this deck tech. Anyways, run 2 to 4, you can split the numbers between that other climax… You know, the yellow one?

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