Whatever Wednesday Week 2

Many anime this season have finally reached episode 4, so today I will be reviewing the top four series that have managed to pass the three episode test with flying colors. So without further delay, here we go:

4. Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: 

I am not a fan of sport anime, but Shakunetsu takes ping pong to the level Saki brought mahjong. So basically ping pong with moe characters and superpowers, what is there not to like? For any person who enjoyed Saki for the anime it was (not just for the mahjong element) there is little more to say. If you never watched Saki  then just ask yourself; do you enjoy very moe superpowered girls duking out utter nonsense about a sport you might or might not care about? If you answered yes, then this is a show for you!

3. Lostorage incited WIXOSS: 

Considering how bad the first seasons of WIXOSS were, this season follows a brand new set of characters pretending to play the card game WIXOSS, this alone makes it refreshing enough to pique my interest again. It carries a lot of the same atmosphere that was so attractive with its predecessors, heavy and dark tones bundled in a children’s card game show with all the cards also being very waifu. There is too much to be spoiled so I would highly recommend watching the previous seasons as well if you want a full explanation of the story. This series is a great pickup for those who want a card game show that’s isn’t targeted towards a younger audience.

2. gi(a)rlish number: 

With all the Magical Girls shows going on this season and the mess that was Love Live Sunshine!! from last season, I really thought I was going to be done with slice of life/comedy shows for at least this season. However Gi(a)rlish Number looked very promising three minutes in and proceeded to blow my mind ten minutes later. I do not want to spoil too much, but the premise is simple: Anime biz at its finest. If that has still not convinced you, here are three good reasons to watch the show: the cast is very waifu, the art style is moe and most of the cast are not good people.

1. Brave Witches:

Brave Witches was going to be my favorite coming into this season because of my biased opinion that Strike Witches was the best anime of all time. For those of you who have never heard of Strike Witches, the premise is this: In an alternate universe around the WW2 era, aliens named Neuroi invade the equivalent of Europe, and the only thing that can fight the Neuroi are young witches armed with aircraft weapons and propellers. You do not need to watch any Strike Witches material to watch Brave Witches (you will miss out on some references, but nothing so far that’s super relevant to the story). This makes it my number 1 of this season since Brave Witches has been hitting all my expectation and more. It kept the visuals and settings that I loved about the first while having a much stronger cast and story so far. The fact that Brave Witches kept so much of the original series without being a straight up clone makes me unable to wait for the next episode every week.

And that concludes this week’s Whatever Wednesday! I hope this helps anyone who was indecisive to make a good choice on what series to follow this season. If not, I will answer any questions left in the comments next Wednesday. Peace!!!!!


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