Introducing: Whatever Wednesdays

Good day World,

Today I am introducing Whatever Wednesdays, where I talk about whatever was floating in my mind. Last week was a quick review of “Love Live! Sunshine!” this week we have ourselves a great treat (just in time for Halloween):

Its : Love Live Manga!!!

This is a real piece of work that is an emotional roller coaster bundle with Honoka cuteness, Honoka tears and Honoka smiles. It has an alternate story line than the anime so its a great read even if you did not watch the original source material. Warning it is ongoing, so expect to wait for a conclusion.

Alternatively if you want to read a Honoka-less Love Live Manga (I ain’t sure why since its missing the best character), you get: Love Live! Sunshine! Manga!!! Its the exact same as above but with Sunshine characters.

That’s it for this whatever Wednesday. Remember to buy the product if you like it when it comes out in your local retailer. Peace out!

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