Bark if you Like Green (Gr Dog Days)

Gr Dog Cat Days is an aggressive <animal> trait deck that applies pressure by punishing salvaging, as well as building up stock for powerful end game plays. While not super competitive, it’s a fun, interactive deck that’s easy to play and requires little thinking for those days where you wanna play Weiss but don’t want to put any effort in thinking about optimal lines of play.

Level 0 (15)

オンミツ部隊筆頭 ユキカゼ (DD/WE12-24C)
Mainly used to meet red color requirements. Can also pump 天真爛漫 ナナミ and 勇者の休息 ナナミ in a pinch.

2 l0no
夏合宿 ノワール (DD/WE17-19R)
Gets rid of problem level 0s and denies opponent any advantage they can get through Level 0s getting sent to the waiting room.

1 l0l
ガレット代表領主 レオ (DD/WE17-23C)
Bonds with 見上げる ミルヒ.

4 l0na
天真爛漫 ナナミ (DD/WE23-13RR)
An unconditional runner with that can change to 勇者の休息 ナナミ when you are at level 1 or higher. Easily one of the best cards in Dog Days right now.

4 l0m
優しい微笑み ミルヒ (DD/WE23-26RR)
Salvage brainstorm. Also a bad power boost. Alternatively you can run the Gaul brainstorm, but it’s not as good.

3 l0f
“追憶”フィー (DD/WE23-03R)
Thins the deck, as well as filters the hand.

Level 1 (14)

4 l1l
リーフ・ラング・ド・シャー・ハルヴァー (DD/WE23-15R)
Gimmicky climax combo. Like every single good thing from this series, Leaf provides advantage from the clock. However, unlike similar cards from other series, 3 Leafs on board is usually a bad idea, unless you have 1 or 2 正々堂々 レオ in play as well, then it’s a bit more bearable.

3 l1g
ガウル・ガレット・デ・ロワ (DD/WE12-09C)
The orignal 6.5k beater. 6.5k on a full <animal> trait board. No stock costs, super efficient.

勇者の休息 ナナミ (DD/WE23-19U)
Change target for the 天真爛漫 ナナミ. Most of the time, you would not want to play this from your hand if possible (just yolo clock it and draw into the runner). Note that this does not gain the ACT power boost of Leo Fair & Square since it’s not <animal> trait.

3 l1leo
正々堂々 レオ (DD/WE12-03R)
If there’s a good reason to play mono-G Dog Days, this is it. Punishes your opponent for running any sort of salvage during their turn, and buffs your characters on your turn. However, you only want to ever see 2 at most, and only 1 against decks that don’t salvage, so running 3 is a good number.

1 l1a
英雄仮面 アデル (DD/WE17-04R)
Free 2.5k counter. Free as in take a damage free. There’s not really much you want to or need to protect, so 1 is more than enough.

Level 2 (6)

3 l2g
英雄結晶 ガウル (DD/WE17-20R)
One of the most efficient beatsticks in the series. For 1 stock you get a 9k power beater with no real drawbacks. Also dat foil art 10/10.

3 l2m
見上げる ミルヒ (DD/WE17-40C)
Standard 3k backup with the ability to change into 世界的アイドル ミルヒ when you play Heart Relation and 世界的アイドル ミルヒ is in your clock. Also bondable.

Level 3 (7)

4 l3l
若き獅子姫 レオ(DD/W23-14RR)
The only good finisher in Dog Days. In fact, it’s the only good Green L3 in Dog Days. On a full board, it’s 11.5k, with 2 Leo, Fair & Squares, it’s 14.5k, which is out of backup range most of the time for a guaranteed clock kick. Also salvages from clock in case you need to fill the board.

3 l3m
世界的アイドル ミルヒ (DD/WE17-34R)
Filters the hand. Large beater like 若き獅子姫 レオ, and can be played early via Change.

Climax (8)

4 cl
道標 (DD/WE23-24C)
Gold Bar, +1k power +1 soul. Combos with the リーフ・ラング・ド・シャー・ハルヴァー.

4 ch
Heart Relation (DD/WE17-44R)
Gate trigger, free advantage on check. Combos with 見上げる ミルヒ to 世界的アイドル ミルヒ change combo. Excellent artwork.


Overall, your strategy for this deck is beat face. Nothing special, no real gimmicks, just ravage your opponent like a savage animal until they stop moving.

Level 0
Start building up stock with 天真爛漫 ナナミ, filter your hand with “追憶”フィー and get rid of opponent’s problem level 0s with 夏合宿 ノワール and オンミツ部隊筆頭 ユキカゼ

Level 1
Beat face with ガウル・ガレット・デ・ロワ, gain advantage with リーフ・ラング・ド・シャー・ハルヴァー and 道標 climax combo. Gain more stock with 勇者の休息 ナナミ and punish opponent for triggering gates with 正々堂々 レオ

Level 2
Beat more face with 英雄結晶 ガウル. If you’re desperate for more board presence, and you have 世界的アイドル ミルヒ in your clock, play the 見上げる ミルヒ and Heart Relation.

Level 3
Clock kick the opponents characters with 若き獅子姫 レオ. If you can’t find them, play 世界的アイドル ミルヒ from hand and try to draw into them.