Overwatch Season 2 Changes Summarized

Hey everyone, Syggz here but you can call me ROADDOG.

Today Overwatch announced their planned changes for season 2, but in case you don’t want to sit through a 15-minute video, here is a summary of the changes.

Skill Rating System Changes

  •  Skill rating changed from a 1-100 scale to a 1-5000 scale
  • Added ranked tiers
    • One tier per 500 skill rating (e.g. 1-500, 501-1000, etc.)
    • Cannot drop out of tiers, even if your skill rating drops below the threshold required to enter that tier
      • With exception to the top 2 tiers (“Masters” and “Grandmasters”)
  • Sudden death removed
    • Ties added
  • Stricter group queuing requirements
    • Players in a group must be within 500 skill rating of each other
      • This value is for initial testing in the PTR, may change when season 2 starts

Assault Maps

  • “Bonus” 30 seconds awarded for capturing first point for every round after the first
    • This prevents teams who are down on points from instantly losing/tying the game for capturing point A during overtime
  • “Free” 2 minute system reduced to 1 minute
    • If a team is awarded “free” time, the other team is awarded the same amount
      • E.g. Team B captures point B with 15 seconds remaining, but Team A captured point B with 2 minutes remaining, Team B will get 1 minute and Team A will get 2 minutes and 45 seconds for the next round

Hybrid/Payload Maps

  • Timebank will be implemented
    • Will work similar to how assault maps are played (e.g. played out in multiple rounds)
      • Ties are extremely unlikely to occur for payload maps
      • Hybrid maps can still tie if neither team can cap first point

Control Point Maps

  • No changes

Other Changes

  •  End of season rewards based on your tier a the end of the season
  • All banked competitive points and all future competitive points multiplied by 10
    • Allows some comp points to be awarded in the event of a tie
  • Cost of golden weapons also multiplied by 10
  • Trimmed down some time during hero selection
  • Players at the highest tiers will be subject to “skill rating decay”
    • If a player has not played competitive for several days, they will lose 50 skill rating per 24 hours
    • Decay will at most drop a player to “Diamond” tier (assumed to be third highest tier)
  • Players need a minimum of 50 matches played in order to get into the top 500 players
    • Prevents players from getting top 500 by lucking out in placement matches

Overall, these changes seem like a great start. The only concerns I have for season 2 is how ties will impact skill rating and the frequency of ties on Assault maps. I’m also unsure about the decision for players not being able to decrease in tiers, as you might end up with players placed too high from playing in a group that they may be playing in a skill tier too high for them. However if matches are placed based on skill rating instead of tiers, this should not be a problem.


See you guys next time when I talk about Smash Mouth and their impact on modern culture.

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