Y / G Rabbits ~ Chiya x Syaro Deck Tech

So with the new release of “Is the Order a Rabbit?” Weiss Schwarz set, I decided to come up with a Y/G Chiya x Syaro Deck Tech with comments and ratings on each card I would run. I also placed a range on the number of copies I would run which allows for tweaking later on with further testing. Without further ado, let us begin!

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Bark if you Like Green (Gr Dog Days)

Gr Dog Cat Days is an aggressive <animal> trait deck that applies pressure by punishing salvaging, as well as building up stock for powerful end game plays. While not super competitive, it’s a fun, interactive deck that’s easy to play and requires little thinking for those days where you wanna play Weiss but don’t want to put any effort in thinking about optimal lines of play.

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Monthly Battle Royal Pokemon Entry 1 – Dedenne


So with the introduction of a new battle mode known as Battle Royal where 4 people are placed to fight each other in a free-for-all battle, I have decided to formulate possible strategies for Pokemon to undertake.

In this month’s entry, we have Dedenne; a solid Pokemon with a defensive dual typing with only 2 weaknesses, Poison and Ground. You could also use Magnet Rise, making it only prone to Poison but that would be pointless. Dedenne does not offer much offensively with its poor mono type move pool. However, it does offer a quirky combo of Cheek Pouch + Recycle, making it an environmentally friendly Pokemon.

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VotD 08/01/16 – Heartfelt Harambe Tribute

Syggz here, but you can call me Jeff Jetson.

Image Source: GospelHerald


Today’s video is a tribute to the late Harambe, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati zookeepers after a child climbed into his exhibit on May 28, 2016. A lot has happened in the weeks following this incident; from the initial outrage at how the zoo handled the situation, to the memes and irony of today. However one man, Mr. Miller, stands above all of the outrage and irony to perform a truly emotional song that expresses his grief and sadness over the loss of a great friend.

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