Love Live! Y/G Nico Yazawa Waifu Deck Tech

So, today is Nico’s birthday, and I felt like I should post a deck profile of the shittiest girl in love live!

NICO-NICO NIII! Oh god, please kill me now.

— Lvl 3 —

4x ny4
“僕たちはひとつの光”  矢澤 にこ // “We Are a Single Light” Yazawa Nico

**On Play Heal One and gains Clock Kick when the climax “We Are a Single Light” is played. This is a more efficient clock kicker than “Idol Otaku Nico”, however you do lose the ability to clock kick on opponent’s turn. The art could be better if her signature pose with the hands were not clipped out.
Rating: 3/5

4x ny10
“晴れ着”  矢澤 にこ // “Best Clothing” Yazawa Nico

**On Play Heal One and gains Superior Clock Call when the climax “Super Rare Chocolate” is played. The Superior Clock Call is great because it is essentially a heal one, plus one since Y/G Nico typically runs out of hand advantage if either of your change targets gets removed from the board. Great art and a massive bonus for the “come at me bro!” meme.
Rating: 5+1/5

— Lvl 2 —

3x ny6
“僕らのLIVE 君とのLIFE”  矢澤 にこ // “Our LIVE is LIFE with You” Yazawa Nico

**Clock Encore and gains 1k for the turn for each other character that attacked this turn. It is also a change target for “Nico, Secretly Plotting” which can potentially be played on Lvl 1. As an early play, it puts pressure on board by having 2 souls and potentially mitigating damage unless opponent wants to neg. However, 8k power is relatively weak at Lvl 2 which is disappointing. Again, why do they keep chopping Nico’s arms off…
Rating: 3/5

— Lvl 1 —

4x ny14
“にこは人気者”  にこ// “Nico Is Popular” Nico

**This card is a hit or miss. You will either love or hate this card. But the pros certainly do outweigh the cons. First of all, she deck compresses for you at the cost of gambling climaxes as markers whenever she reverses the opposing character. Secondly, she is the change target for the Lvl 0 “Nico in Pajama” which allows a large momentum swing on the board towards your favor. The downside of running this at Lvl 1 is that she does nothing if you do not get her out early. However, the card has great art nonetheless.
Rating: 3/5

3x ny2
スーパーアイドル  にこちゃん// Super Idol Nico-chan

**The ROTA (Reinforcement of the Army) of the deck; only Yu-Gi-Oh players will understand the power of this card. This card essentially enables you to get your Lvl 1+ plays out consistently without fail and has yet to be proven wrong otherwise. Plus, who doesn’t like looking at shit girl be worried?
Rating: 5/5

3x ny7
密かな企み  にこ // Nico, Secretly Plotting

**On play give another character 1k and changes to the Lvl 2 Nico. The power boost is helpful but not that great. One flaw I have with this card is that it is a bit too expensive to Change. But on the side note, the art is amazing.
Rating: 2+1/5

2x ny1
“夏祭りデート”  矢澤 にこ // “Summer Festival Date” Yazawa Nico

**Brainstorm Search and global 500 assist. Great art, great effect, simply great in general.
Rating: 5/5

2x ny9
“ユメノトビラ”  矢澤 にこ // “Door of Dreams” Yazawa Nico

**Free 2k Back-Up if you control a Nico. It is sad to say that Back-Ups in a Nico deck is extremely essential. I would suggest running at least 3 but I have no room… Not only does it allow you to compress on your opponent’s turn with the Lvl 1 “Nico Is Popular” Nico but it ensures that it lives to keep up with board pressure.
Rating: 3/5

1x ny5
自慢の作詞  にこ // Nico, Proud of Lyrics

**A searchable anti-early play Back-Up is essential because you need to make sure you keep your board presence since Nico has problems maintaining hand advantage. The art fits the effect perfectly, I mean how can you beat shit girl at her own game?
Rating: 2/5

— Lvl 0 —

4x ny3
音ノ木坂学院3年生  にこ // Nico, Third-Year Student at Otonokizaka Academy

**On play, Top Deck Marker and On swing give two characters 500 power. Although the marker can only be used for Change, it is still a great deck compressor throughout the game. The art on this card is amazing that it instantly gets a high rating and is a 4 of in all variants of Nico.
Rating: 5/5

4x ny13
“私たちはスクールアイドル!”  矢澤 にこ // “We Are School Idols!” Yazawa Nico

**The promo that made Nico’s Lvl 0 plays more consistent, allowing you to rely less on the Nico in Pajam + Nico, Third-Year Student at Otonokizaka Academy combo. She gains 1k and 1 Lvl if you have 2 or less stock. And I also love how she is in her first season outfit.
Rating: 4/5

4x ny15
パジャマのにこ // Nico in Pajama

**At start of climax phase, change to Lvl 1 “Nico Is Popular” Nico. She is great because the change is efficiently costed and essentially requires no stock with the Top Deck Marker Nico above.
Rating: 2.5/5

2x ny8
“それは僕たちの奇跡”  矢澤 にこ // “That Is Our Miracle” Yazawa Nico

**Global 500 assist to all other Nico and for 2 stock, you can give another character 2k and salvage if it reverses a character. The effect is an added bonus to consistency for the latter half of the game. And with an art that great, why would you not play it?
Rating: 3/5

2x ny16
“Angelic Angel”  矢澤 にこ // “Angelic Angel” Yazawa Nico

**500 assist to front and whenever you play a climax, you can give another character 1.5k power boost. A great card to synergize with all the gold bar/treasure climaxes that you will be triggering 24/7.
Rating: 2.5/5

— Climax —

4x ny12
僕たちはひとつの光 // We Are a Single Light

**Gold Bar 1k1 Climax. It combos with the Lvl 3 “We Are a Single Light” Yazawa Nico. Art is clipped… Nico’s hands are chopped off… Sad Face…

4x ny11
超レアチョコ // Super Rare Chocolate

**Gold Bar and 1k1 Climax. It combos with the Lvl 3 “Best Clothing” Yazawa Nico. Art is not clipped. Happy Face.
Rating: 5/5