My Best Waifu Series 1

Good day World,

Just going to start a new series of post listing real facts about the best waifus of all times. Just to let people know these post are going to be super unbiased and fact heavy. If you disagree for some reason, you already wrong.

So lets get started with the best waifu of ALL times. But please watch Love Live S1, S2 and  the Movie. DON’T watch Love live Sunshine that just a show about clones at a beach.

Which obvious means SPOILER ALERTS:

So how do you not think Honoka is the best already after seeing these amazing pics of her.

Here’s more:

Still not convince, well i guess you can keep reading then

For the less informed (and tasteless) of my readers Honoka Kousaka is her full name. Given to us as a divine gift on August the Third (thats her birthday btw). She is now in second year of middle school, student prez of her school and she just step down as head of µ’s. Her family consist of her parents and a younger sister (also very waifu, but not nearly as amazing as Honoka). They own a japanese sweet shop.

Anyways that’s about it for a quick bio, I can go on more but that her character is so much more so we going to move on to 3 reasons she the best (only three since the list will never end if i can write as much as i want)

Ichi. Honk is litterally stupidly insane. She definetly not sane inside. Honoka is the person that believe the impossible when its impossible. What ever her brain is lacking is made up by plot armor can’t miracles. If you don’t think that’s waifu then ur opinion is shit anyways.  ( I mean look she’s talking to her future self like its normal )

Ni. Honks is basically god. God can call down miracle. Honks can call down miracles. (Whats ping on cancel, can’t even kill honoka who’s at 3/6)

San. Honks can pound mochi. Only best waifu can pound mochi and do it well. (she’s definitely not dead):

Yon. There’s a fourth reason because miracles. Her facial expression is the best. (Here’s a condensed version)

Well if you need more reason or is not sastified you can wait til Honk’s Birthday when ill celebrate with the best article i ever written in my life. Until Then Peace out:



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