Guilty Crown G/R/B Inori x Tsugumi x Friends

Out of all the decks I ever made for Weiss Schwarz, Guilty Crown G/R/B has got to be the most fun and favorite. The art is gorgeous and Inori x Tsugumi are best waifus. The mechanics for this deck is to ramp up in stock as much as possible before you hit level 3.

— Lvl 3 —
These are pretty standard since you got nothing else to play with.

4x gc1 楪  いのり // Yuzuriha Inori
**On Play Heal One and combos with the climax Euterpe to salvage a card, which allows for heal loops. She is also a change target for the Lvl 2 Inori below.
Rating: 3/5

3x gc2 桜満  集 // Ouma Shu
**On Play Heal One. Tap two, check top, and gain clock kick if revealed card is level 1 or greater. Honestly, this effect is extremely easy to get off with all the scrying the deck offers.
Rating: 1/5

2x gc3 “歌姫” いのり // “Songstress” Inori
**On Play Salvage One and your only beat stick in the entire deck. She is also the best card in the deck because she grabs any character from the waiting room. She also ensures that you keep the heal loop going. I personally like to play over the other two Lvl 3s in order to grab them back and heal again.
Rating: 4/5

— Lvl 2 —
There are quite a lot of level 2 plays but all them serve to either recycle the level 3 plays or keep the pressure on board.

2x gc4 オペレーター  ツグミ // Operator Tsugumi
**Front Level Assist. Up to two times per turn, you can scry top card every time you play a Lvl 2+ character with the ::Funeral Parlor:: trait. This card is great if you either want to push for more damage by ensuring soul triggers, set-up for climax cancels, or even generate advantage with gate climax.
Rating: 3.5/5

2x gc5 魅惑のビーチ  亞里沙 // Charming Beach Arisa
**3K Back-up, boobs and swimsuits.
Rating: 2.5/5

2x gc6 ヴォイドゲノムの真実 // Truth of the Void Genome
**Salvage Two. Great card to play at Lvl 2 to set-up for the Lvl 3. Great artwork.
Rating: 3/5

1x gc18 集のパートナー  いのり // Inori, Shu’s Partner
**Changes to the Lvl 3 Yuzuriha Inori above. Tap her to give 1.5K to another character. Pretty meh card, I only use her to clear stock if too many Lvl 3s get stuck in clock.
Rating: 2.5/5

— Lvl 1 —
The core of the deck that gets it going.

4x gc7 遠くを見据える  いのり // Inori, Staring into the Distance
**Clock Encore and combos with the climax Smile of the Goddess which enables blind stock if she reverses the opponent. This is the card that makes the deck what it is and essentially summarizes Guilty Crown Anime in a nutshell. Plus, art is extremely waifu.
Rating: 5/5

3x gc8 魅惑のビーチ  祭 // Charming Beach Hare
**Global 500 Support. Scry the top card at the start of Main Phase. Oh wow, a scry every turn!?
Rating: 5/5

3x gc9 振袖姿の  ツグミ // Tsugumi in Furisode
**A free 2K Back-up that can be divided to two characters for 1K each.
Rating: 5/5

— Lvl 0 —
Everything here attempts to search the waifu that is the Lvl 1 Inori.

3x gc12 “入れ物” いのり // “Vessel” Inori
**Global 500 Support for ::Funeral Parlor:: trait and Brainstorm Salvage. Salvage for Lvl 1 Inori.
Rating: 4/5

3x gc11 別れの言葉  いのり // Inori, Words of Farewell
**Lvl 0 Bomb. Remember to say farewell to your enemies.
Rating: 3/5

3x gc10 学園の  集 // Shu in the Academy
**4K Beat stick if you control one or less other characters.
Rating: 1/5

3x gc13 “ちんちくりん” ツグミ // “Shorty” Tsugumi
**Top Check Add to Hand if ::Funeral Parlor:: trait, discard one. She is also your standard runner at start of opponent’s combat. Dig for Lvl 1 Inori.
Rating 4/5

2x gc14 水着の  ツグミ // Tsugumi in Swimsuits
**Standard Pay One, Pitch One, Search One. Swimsuits and art is extremely waifu. Search for Lvl 1 Inori.
Rating 5/5

2x gc15 うつむく  集 // Shu, Hanging His Head
**Standard Brainstorm Clock Grab. Clock Grab for Lvl 1 Inori.
Rating: 1/5

— Climax —
Inori is ‘bae’

4x gc16 女神の微笑み // Smile of the Goddess
**Double Soul Trigger and 2K1. Inori is ‘bae’ and combos with Lvl 1 Inori above.
Rating: 4/5

4x gc17 エウテルペ // Euterpe
**Gate and 1K1. Inori is ‘bae’ and combos with Lvl 3 Yuzuriha Inori above.
Rating: 5/5