Top 10 Facts About Me – #3 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND

Hello everyone, to introduce myself I decided to make a top 10 list about me, please enjoy!!! 🙂

10. My name is Syggz but you can call me Pizza Kat

9. I was born 6 weeks premature during a car accident in Arlington, Kentucky

8. I am a former professional Runescape PKer, I retired when a hacker drop-traded my full rune (g) set

7. I own a PS4 for display purposes

6. I won the grade 6 science fair, I have never won anything since

5. I made this list to see how WordPress works

4. My favorite Magic card is Cloven Casting, I am currently playing a deck built around it in legacy

3. My uncle works at Nintendo of America, he has banned multiple people at my request so don’t cross me 😉

2. I had to repeat grade 6 three times, the teachers said it was because I might be artistic

1. Plz follow me @SyggzPizza