Pokemon Mono Team Series – Fighting Type

Let the crowd rumble! The stage is set! 3-2-1! Fight!

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Pokemon Mono-Type Series Preview

It is I, flashtactikz, a sad excuse of a being coming at you with a new series entry to our blogs. And no, this isn’t some waifu shrine compiled with a list of pornographic images of my best waifu.

So aside from the nerdy waifu card battle hobbies that I spend my miserable life with. I am also a pretty big nerdy Pokemon fan ever since I was five. Shhhh, don’t tell my parents that or they will probably set my room on fire.

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My Best Waifu Series 1

Good day World,

Just going to start a new series of post listing real facts about the best waifus of all times. Just to let people know these post are going to be super unbiased and fact heavy. If you disagree for some reason, you already wrong.

So lets get started with the best waifu of ALL times. But please watch Love Live S1, S2 and  the Movie. DON’T watch Love live Sunshine that just a show about clones at a beach.

Which obvious means SPOILER ALERTS:

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